Audit and Advisory Services

This service focus on controls, compliance, corporate governance and assurance, we help our clients with the following offerings:

Statutory Audit and Investigations

Our audit services help our clients’ compliance to statutory requirements and also help assure stakeholders of the true and fair position of the entity they have their investments. We also help in investigations when required.

Internal Controls and Corporate Governance

Internal controls help to identify possible or existing loopholes in the organization. Setting up good internal controls will help in cost reduction, mitigate against fraud, help in good organizational culture
and set everyone in right thinking. We help companies to set up internal controls, review the existing controls and improve on it or suggest a new approach if need be.

Company Policies

We are experienced in helping our clients to develop clear Financial Policies and Processes that guide business activities and financial records. We also help develop process flowchart for Financial Authority to clearly state the limit of authorizers of financial transactions.